I do mostly get questions about my music making, but sometimes also questions about my arts and writing.


What kind of musician are you?
I’m a composer and recording musician. With that said, I don’t like to perform much live, even tho I have some experience with it.

Where are your music released?
Mostly on Bandcamp, but also on Audiomack, Drooble and more. I don’t have my music on Spotify because of the cost per year for hosting it.

Which instruments do you play?
I play the piano/keyboard, ukulele/baritone-uke, recorder, viola, violin etc.

How do you make music?
I do both digital and electronic music and acoustic music. I create music with one or multiple instruments. Mostly instrumental, but sometimes also with vocals.

What is your music genre/inspiration?
I create modern classical and experimental music, crossover, new age and folk.