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I'm Tricia Johansson!

What I do and who I am
I used to have a blog page in Swedish which was quite popular in Sweden between 2008-2011. Since then I have published my works online. I used to blog about mental health and my passion has always been to help others.
I have released 2 music albums and several books and ebooks.
I'm a web designer and graphic designer.
I'm an illustrator and cartoonist and I have several comics I always working on and publishing online.
Most of my works are free because I want everyone to enjoy.
I'm also a healer and oracle card/tarot card reader. I offer readings and distance healing for free.

My "home" on the internet!

Here I collect everything worth knowing about me and my works online. Like a profile page, or home page, my "home" online.

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About me

On this page I collect everything worth knowing about me, like a profile page, my "home" online.

My name is Tricia and I'm 27 years old and from Sweden. I'm studying behavioral science and beside that I'm learning web coding/programming and the portuguese and spanish languages. I also working on my English.

Ever since I was a kid I have been interested in arts, music and crafts. And also writing stories and poetry. I have published my works on the internet since 2008.

I do also spread awareness about mental health and other health conditions online, mostly on Instagram.

On-going Studies & Education

  • Behavioral science at Distansinstitutet, Sweden.

  • Behavioral science at Academy Online, Sweden.

  • Therapist training at Expressa utbildningscenter, Sweden.

On-going learning projects

  • Improve my English and learning Portuguese at Busuu Language Learning

  • Learning more about web coding and programming on Mimo

  • Learning more about web coding and programming on SoloLearn

Completed studies & courses

  • Illustration Diploma at Forsbergs skola, 2018.

  • Photo editing Diploma at Distansskolan 2019.

  • Energy Healing certificate at ChakraSchool via Udemy 2020.

  • Angelic Healing certificate at Academy of Ancient Magik 2020.

(C) Tricia Johansson


This page contains my works in the fields: comics, illustration, writing, music, photographic art and web coding/design.

Comic strips

I have three on-going comics: "Trixie & Truls" (Swedish and English), "The world of Avoranic: Cassidy and Castor" (English) and "Pepp, Sickan & Krusberths äventyr" (Swedish). Besides those I also illustrate short independent comic strips. Subscribe to my newsletter/newspaper to receive my latest comics in your inbox (or read them online). Link below.

Comic stories

My on-going comic "The world of Avoranic: Cassidy & Castor" is now available to subscribe to on my newspaper/newsletter. New part in each letter/issue!

Original characters

Published Books

On-going stories

Read my on-going stories on any of the sites below.

Released Music

"A Midnight Stars Album" is my first album with original pieces composed by me! It contains both electronic and acoustic music. It's also instrumental and modern classical. The album will be released on iTunes, Spotify etc on June 5, 2020. Pre-order is available on iTunes and Google Play!

More music (singles, albums and EPs) can be found on my official music website (link above).

Photographic Art

Visit my photographic art on any of my photography social media below!

Web Coding & Web Design

I build web applications, web pages, layouts and more. Visit my coding portfolio on Mimo or coding profile on Solo Learn below.

Poetry & Other writings

(C) Tricia Johansson

Healing & Card readings

I do readings in tarot and oracle cards. I do also work with healing, even tho I'm still new to this practice. I offer distance healing and card readings for free on my community below.

  • I have certificates in Energy Healing and Angelic Healing.

  • I working on my advanced Angelic Healing practitioner certificate right now.

  • I have professional secrecy so everything you say, or things I see, are secrets between you and me!

(C) Tricia Johansson


Want to get in touch? Contact me through the form below and I will answer as fast as possible. Other possible ways to contact me is through Facebook or Instagram.

(C) Tricia Johansson

Mental health

I'm fighting with both my physical and mental health and I spread awareness on mental health and the conditions I'm struggling with on for example Instagram and my Swedish mental health site. On this section on the website I'm going to inform a bit about my conditions. Below is the conditions I spread awareness about.

  • Autism/Aspergers syndrome

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • OCD

  • Major depressive disorder

  • Asthma/Obstructive lung disorder

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic pain

  • ADD

Follow me on Instagram to know more!

Or visit my Swedish mental health support site!

Worth knowing: I'm only inform about stuff from my perspective; how it is to live a different life. I'm not claiming to be an expert or something and I'm not giving medical advice. If you struggling, please see a doctor!

(C) Tricia Johansson


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